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Focusing on Bus Passes, -Concessionary Fares - in England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland and on wider issues affecting pensioners and disabled people

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Bus Passes for pensioners, Freedom Passes, Metro Passes, "English National Concession Ticket Scheme" (ENCTS), NOWcard, NCTP - Our aim in this website is to provide information about bus passes whatever they are called in your neck of the woods, issued for older people and disabled people. Since 2008 a national scheme has been in existence sponsored by the UK government to provide free bus travel to older people and the disabled. People who hold a bus pass issued in England can use their pass to travel on local buses anywhere in England. So someone living in Birmingham for instance who goes on holiday in Bognor Regis can also use his/her bus pass on local buses in the Bognor Regis area.

Problems Using a Bus Pass In London

London buses give visitors the boot
  1. If you hold a bus pass issued in England which bears the red rose symbol on it you are entitled to use it on London buses. Red Rose
  2. We have passed on complaints received from bus pass holders to Transport for London and in response to our request they have sent a copy of pages 114-115 of the Bus Drivers' Guide which can be printed off and shown to the driver in the event of difficuties.

(Click on the image below for a larger copy to print off). Or an alternative is to ask the driver to look at page 114 of his Bus Drivers' Guide which will put him right.

London Bus Drivers' Guide

Bus Passes for the disabled - there is a set of criteria to qualify for a disabled bus pass, and we would recommend looking at your local authority webpage for help on this, our 'Where to apply' page should help you to find information on criteria and how to apply. To the best of our knowledge the same rules on when and where a disabled bus pass can be used apply as for Older People.

Worried about the renewal of your bus pass ?

Thousands of people's bus passes are expiring around now, and as the date approaches people are wondering whether they have to re-apply or not. In most cases the local authority are writing out to existing bus pass holders with information on the renewal of bus passes. But not all - if you wish to check what your local authority require, we suggest going to our 'Where to apply' page, find the link to your local authority, where you may find information on renewals, and if not an email adress that you can use to enquire.

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